“It’s ok to get lost once in a while – sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves”
- Robert Tew.

What to Expect in your First Session

For many people the thought of attending therapy can be daunting. People often struggle with the idea of talking to someone/a stranger about the things that are worrying/bothering them for some time before finally booking that first appointment. It takes courage to make that first appointment and it takes even more courage to attend that first session.

Approaching the first session of Counseling or Psychotherapy most people feel anxious and uncertain. You may question do you really need to attend at all. You may feel compelled to attending because someone else has prompted you to go. Perhaps you feel your situation is hopeless or impossible and doubt if anyone in the world could be of help. All these uncertainties are completely reasonable at this stage and it takes courage to take that first step.

The first session is mostly about finding out how you feel about ‘working’ with me – it’s a time to check out how I work and for you to discern if I’m the therapist that can best support you at this particular time and through this particular difficulty.

In the first meeting, you may just want to talk about the presenting problem and that’s perfectly alright. However, there are a few practical considerations that need mentioning, such as session time, length, location, cost, frequency, duration and confidentiality. This will help both of us understand our commitments and expectations of each other.