“All journeys have secret destinations, Of which the traveller is unaware”
- Martin Buber

Kathleen Laffan M.I.A.H.I.P.

I am a Gestalt trained psychotherapist and a fully accredited member with the Irish Association of Integrative and Humanistic Psychotherapy. (IAHIP)

I believe that each of us has the capacity within ourselves to regulate our lives and to achieve greater happiness. I believe that Self-Awareness and self Care are the basis for this. I offer this service with great respect, compassion and commitment to my clients. I also believe confidentiality is a vital ingredient for any of this work to take place.

I am trained to assist people who are in distress or have reached a point in their lives where they feel they are not achieving their full potential. This is done through invitation to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of themselves and to explore what might be preventing them from accessing their true nature. I sometimes use imaginative and creative ways to help discover this. The therapeutic relationship allows the person explore his/her own resources, their capacity for self determination and their ability to improve their life.


“Kathleen knows the questions to ask to allow you to understand where your fears and hurts come from, thus allowing you to go gently with yourself towards your own answers. She has a very gently, intuitive and deep understanding of the human psyche, which allows her to guide a person on a safe path towards their own healing.”

“Having experienced a huge, sudden, unexpected loss in my life which left me feeling berft, I turned to Kathleen for support. At the time I was in emotional, physical and mental pain, but with Kathleens’ constant support, her council and expertise in Gestalt Training , I re- emerged in a stronger more self assured place.

- K. T. (Wexford)

“Kathleens’ understanding and compassion was – from the onset palapable and genuine and beyond my expectations. Her support throughout was warm and very helpful and full of kindness. A truly inspirational lady. I experienced support, warmth and kindness throughout my time with her.”

- Brian (Dublin)

“The work I did with Kathleen gave me the skills to cope with the little things that held me back. I now feel stronger and recognize when I need to stop and look after myself first.”

“I was scared that I didn’t have a big enough problem before I went to Kathleen. This was never an issue and the work made me realize that everyone has something they need help with at times. I would encourage everyone to try it.”

“Kathleen has helped me to embrace both my positive emotions as well as the negative ones like sadness and anger. Surprisingly for me since I’ve begun to do this life is easier to deal with rather than more difficult.”

- Ann (Waterford)